Bishop Ernest Morris, Sr. Founder of Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ with youth attending Wear a Scrub event.

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This innovative program provides an easy-to-follow guide for Youth Ministers on all five activities for either a day-long event or over the course of a few weeks. Those who buy the kit have access to a powerpoint online training session and new free activities posted every other month on the Wear a Scrub website!  You do not need a medical background to run the activities. Watch our video to hear directly from Youth Ministers who have offered the program. You'll also receive planning tools to host this life-inspiring event at your church.

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When students wear a professional scrub with ID badges & a stethoscope, they instantly feel important and begin acting like they are already on the job. As they wear their professional garb, they work as an interdisciplinary team responding to the symptoms of a teen suffering injuries from a car crash and find out what it's like to be a paramedic by hopping in the back of an ambulance brought to the church by a local ambulance service.

The Wear a Scrub Kit contains a scrub, cinch bag, stethoscope, ID badge with neck ribbon, an awareness bracelet, and a "Health Career Explorer" Guide explaining the basics of each on 7 career cards along with bible passages and "Nikeea's Case."  Many churches approach their local hospitals for promotional items to add to the cinch bag.

Every youth receives a "Magazine Cover" motivational poster featuring them on the cover in their scrub shown in a hospital corridor. More than 300 youth have attended a "Wear a Scrub" event at their church with rave reviews. They walk away learning about 7 high-demand careers and apply what they've learned to solving "Nikeea's Case." A bible passage exercise inspires youth to appreciate the "mind, body, spirit" connection to healing. Youth also learn to respect and nurture their own bodies and health.


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