“During the passage from childhood to adolescence, middle school students are characterized by a need to explore a variety of interests, connecting their learning in the classroom to its practical application in life and work.”

The American School Counselor Association (www.ASCA.org) 2013

Survey results show that student interest in health careers double after a "Wear a Scrub" session and all hands-on activities receive

"Great and Good!" reviews.


Wear a Scrub


The Wear a Scrub contains a cinch bag to hold all of the contents: a scrub embroidered with the sponsor's logo and the Wear a Scrub logo on  the front pocket, an Awareness Bracelet embossed with "Healthcare Careers Heal: Mind, Body, Spirit" and a Health Career Explorer Guide with seven "Career Cards." Youth Ministers Guides are also included in the kit and training powerpoint slides can also be downloaded and printed from this website. As part of the Kit, digital photos of each youth are sent by the sponsoring church to the Wear a Scrub Team and we create a motivational "Magazine Cover" poster featuring each youth on the cover. This full color, laminated, foam-back poster is a life-long keepsake that inspires children to see themselves in a successful career. Many churches report that local healthcare providers are happy to provide free promotional items like pens, first aid kits, tablets and educational materials to include in the cinch bag and are willing to sponsor kits when their logo is included.


When asked at the end of the event, "What was the most important thing you learned today?" Here is a sampling of what students wrote in their evaluations:

"I learned that being in the medical field can at be fun and sometimes challenging and that it's all about helping people."

“You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it and keep going no matter what the struggle."

"It's not what counts on the outside, it's what counts in the inside. I also learned to encourage others when they are not feeling well."

"No matter how someone looks on the outside, make them feel good on the inside."

"Treat your patients with respect and in a Godly way."