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Ty Moss with his son Nile at the Grammys


The Story Behind Our Wear A Scrub Song

Writers: Ty and Carole Moss, with Arrangers and Vocalist; David Pettway, Steve Campos, and Rod McNeill.  Musicians: Ty Moss, David Pettway, Steve Campos, Rod McNeill, Jeff Lewis and Dave Vasquez.

The Inspiration

The Wear A Scrub Team consulted with Ty Moss to help expand the program nationally by tapping his corporate business background. But there was more to Ty's talents: He is a voting member for the Annual Grammy Awards and is a songwriter and musician writing for music legends like Carlos Santana and playing the drums with the Temptations. Ty became so inspired by watching our video that he wrote a song that youth could sing when they exchange their "Mind, Body, Spirit" wristbands at a Wear a Scrub event. Ty brought together the "Nile's Project Band" and focused on the Wear A Scrub message of healing and character building for youth participating in the program. As a result, we now have our very own "Wear a Scrub" anthem!  Youth Ministers can play the song while kids sing the catchy tune as they exchange their wrist bands.

And there's more to this story ...

Ty and his wife Carole Moss, are co-founders of the California based NILES PROJECT-MRSA, a non-profit, Patient Safety Advocacy organization for consumer awareness. The Nile’s Project team focuses on national legislation and public education  in honor of their 15 year old son Nile who in 2006, tragically died as a result of a hospital acquired infection known as the superbug MRSA.

In memory of Nile, the Wear a Scrub program features an INFECTION PREVENTIONIST career card so that kids can be inspired towards stopping the spread of infections that are taking the lives and limbs of patients every year.

Nile Moss would be here today if his MRSA infection had been detected early enough!