The "Wear a Scrub...Get a Career Program" was designed and created by Dr. Linda Rhodes, an education consultant to the Hirtzel Institute on Health Education & Aging at Mercyhurst University (right of photo). The faith-based program offers Youth Ministers of culturally diverse congregations a program that exposes young people (6th through 9th grade) to seven promising health careers by way of interactive learning. Students learn about each career and are then challenged to create a care plan for a teen involved in a car accident -- "Nikeea's case" as a team.

The "Healing Ministry of Health Careers" activity engages youth to interpret one of four bible passages and report back to the group as to its message related to the spiritual side of health professions and healing. The "Mind, Body and Spirit" activity teaches youth that our health care system of medical specialties can lead people to feel like they are  being treated as body parts rather than as a whole person. At the end of the exercise, youth exchange awareness bracelets with each other that state, "Health Careers Heal: Body, Mind and Spirit." They close the day learning about and discussing health disparities among minority communities and lifestyle changes they can embrace to address it. 

Youth Ministers are provided a step-by-step guide on how to plan, organize and run a Wear a Scrub event at their church. Each activity is easily explained along with a training powerpoint. Over 300 youth have attended a "Wear a Scrub" event held in Northwestern Pennsylvania giving the program rave reviews among youth and Youth Ministers.

Elaine Stanton, Wear a Scrub Coordinator (left of photo) trained Youth Ministers on the program and has organized church groups throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania on offering Wear a Scrub events.